To achieve the overall scientific goal of our O’Brien Center, we propose 3 research projects to characterize molecular and cellular alterations associated with BPH pathogenesis using cultured cells, animal models, and/or human BPH specimens:

Project 1

Afferent and urothelial plasticity underlying bladder sensitization in prostatic inflammation

Project Leader: Naoki Yoshimura, M.D., Ph.D.

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Naoki Yoshimura »
Suzuki Takahisa
Pradeep Tyagi »
Vickie L. Erickson
Lori Ann Birder »
Florenta Aura Kullmann »
Amanda Sue Wolf-Johnston

Project 2

Luminal epithelial junctions, polarity, and permeability in BPH pathogenesis

Project leader: Zhou Wang, Ph.D.

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Zhou Wang »
Donna B. Stolz »
Aiyuan Zhang
Jianhua Zhou
Ke Wang
Wei Chen

Project 3

Impact of Cox-2 on protective effects of estrogen receptor beta (ERb) in prostate epithelial cell

Project leader: Donald Defranco, Ph.D.

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Donald B. Defranco »
Kai He
Liping Wang
Stacy Lynn Wendell »
Uma R. Chandran »